A thought….

I had a thought, and that thought was that it was illegal to publish someone else´s recipes without their permission. I might, just might ask Isa Chandra Moskowitz if I can publish her recipes in Portugusese. She might say yes….if not, then I think my project to share recipes in Portuguese may come to an end before it started. 

In the meantime I have cracked into another vegetable cookbook. It´s a beautiful book I discovered in Colorado. I broke a rule there and bought a cookbook that I had not tested. But alas, we live but once. 

After finishing off the leftover chick pea soup I roasted some cauliflower in a lemon, paprika and olive ´dressing´. I didn´t love it. But I love that I eat well. And that I feed my body well. I appreciate what transitioning to a mostly plant based diet has done for how I think about meals. A meal does not have to contain meat to be delicious and incredibly filling. Tonight, was once again proof of that. 

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