Peter Pan

I was recently home in the States. My mission was to find us a house. A house that I am to turn into a home. While there I heard the song Lost Boy by Ruth B. It took very little time before I started crying. My first thought was of my daughter. My daughter and her innocence. The innocence of having a home, having friends and the simplicity of childhood. We have been on our own adventure. But this adventure jostled part of my children´s innocence. I know that. They know what it is to say farewell. To painfully miss family and friends. They know what it is to be alone in a room and to have to restart.

Sophia and Evan, I could not be more proud of what you have done and accomplished on this adventure. You are both incredible and that gives me peace knowing that you will be okay. Better than okay, you will AMAZE us in this move. But please know that as you are taking on a new challenge that I carry you in my heart and that I am always asking God to give you strength and to bring you happiness. 

But I hope more than anything that you always will know that wherever dad and I are is your home. We love you.

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